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Station Fund Raising Appeal
Please help us meet the 200 shortfall in the ever increasing monthly cost of running The UK 1940s Radio Station. Although the Station is supported by Swing Jive entertainments and third party advertising we still have a short fall every month to find of at least 200 a month. We really do hate asking for donations to support the station and understand that not everyone can afford to donate, indeed we would certainly not wish anybody to donate unless they could genuinely afford to do so. Donations for February were 223.55 Thank you to all that donated.

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The Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra
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Donations Recieved This Month 57.00

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About Us
We play music and historical news broadcasts from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, that would have been heard predominantly in England and the USA. We are proud to have been the first UK based internet radio station to provide this level of original archive broadcast material along with our own presented programmes. The main aim of the station is to promote music that most terrestrial stations no longer dedicate sufficient air-time to as they feel it is no longer popular or financially viable.
The station, apart for myself, is staffed entirely by a commited team of international volunteers who have a passion to share their love and knowledge of the music, so that the music will hopefully continue to be introduced to both old and new listeners for years to come, thus securing the golden age of popular music and song. Shaun Moncaster producer of The Uk 1940s Radio Station.

Live Event Entertainment
Cherie Lawrence
Cherie Lawrence
Cherie Lawrence An old-fashioned girl who loves nothing more than to entertain, Vintage Singer, Cherie Lawrence is one of the country’s finest and most talented vintage singers and we are very proud to be able to recommend this lovely lady

To find out more or to book Cherie visit her Website 
Beverley Alexander
Lilli de Carlo - 1940's Tribute
Beverey Alexander
Beverley makes the planning of your event run smoothly from start to finish, by working with you for your requirements, ensuring your occasion is a wonderful experience & one to remember for all the right reasons! Be transported back to the era of marvellous music by a vibrant 1940’s Tribute Singer, with a greatvoice.,
To find out more or to book about booking  Beverely call her on 07837 388096 or 01253 344826. You can also visit her  WebSite
The Glenn Miller Story
In Words & Music
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The UK's 1940s old time radio station recreates the music and news and shows that along with the latest music from the United States of America that was broadcasted to The UK Homefont during 1940s. We are proud to have been the first UK based internet radio station to provide the level of original archive broadcast programmes along with our own in house music, news and documentaries content with the best of Big Band Swing and Jive Music.