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Subject: Mark Davies also known as Rorry Davies and

Please do not confuse the original The 1940s UK Radio Station found at and with Mark Davies version of 1940s Radio at which we would be horrified to be associated with.

Back in 2012 we noticed a few websites '1940s Tribute DJ' , ' Wartime Tribute DJ' and 'Surround-Sounds Disco' owned and maintained by Mark Davies. playing playing The UK 1940s Radio Station but were tagged as 1940's Radio.

Mark Davies was using our audio broadcast stream as his own to advertise his own '1940s Tribut DJ' and 'War Time DJ' services without asking our permission or paying a fee for its use. When we contacted Mr Davies about this he did apologies for his ignorance, and said that he would remove the players. I also explained that he would need a minimum of a PRS license for each of his website domains that he played music on. He assured me that he was a full member of the PRS, I thought if indeed he was a licensed person he would not be ignorant of what was legally required but was happy to leave the issue without further action provided he ceased to use our content.

Shortly a new 1940s radio station appeared with an almost identical set of background descriptions and tags. We were alerted to the new website by some of our listeners who thought we had started another 1940s Radio Station. On investigation I found out that Mr Davies was again involved, but this time he was just playing 1940s music to help attract work as a DJ which would have been fine but in researching who owned the new site startlingly the phrase 'Mark Davies DJ Charfield Gloucestershire' kept appearing in google search results connected to dubious activities with alarming regularity indicating untrustworthy behaviour.

Cyber Squatting on Gloss FM's radio stations website during 2011

If you own a trademark and find that someone is holding it hostage as a domain name until you pay a large sum for it or are using it for their own purpose you may be the victim of cybersquatting.

One action involved Mark Davies offering free website hosting and then locking the site out from its owners 'Gloss FM' a popular local community radio Station. I understand that he took this action after being dismissed as an unsuitable presenter from the station. Mark Davies continued to use the website he had hijacked from 'Gloss FM Community Radio' to mirror his own version of The 194Os Radio Station website until I assume he realised that he needed an online broadcasters license for each domain name he uses to play music on. which was a popular local community radio station prior to Mr Davies's action after being rejected as a presenter procceded to lock Gloss FM out of their website and used it to broacast his own 40s music from the Gloss FMs website address. Gloss FM own content went silent around this time In 2011 the station was also forced to close after an unsuccessful licence bid for a permanent FM frequency which was rejected by Ofcom due to "no suitable FM frequency available.

The good news that after 6 years of absense Gloss FM is now back on Air without the danger of Mr Davies being involved with the station. They undoubtedly have sourced a reliable and reputable website hosting servce have a listen at Gloss FM

Mobile DJ Insurance Fraud

I am also informed Mark Davies was cautioned for Fraud and theft during 2011 for selling bogus DJ PLI (Disk Jockey Public Liability Insurance)

The following taken from original Article gives further information.

Posted 29 August 2012 - 09:42 PM

For gods sake steer well clear of

There was a massive fuss kicked up a few months ago.

QUOTE(Pete Williams)
I am now able to share with you, a Fraud case I reported to PayPal and the Police last November regarding Mark Davies (of :cense::cense::cense: forum, djpli, mobile-dj etc.)

Mark and I worked on assorted projects together over a 2 year period, and I trusted his judgement, which turned out on several occasions to be a big mistake.

Just to clarify for anyone not totally sure, hmrc and DJPLI are not connected these days, and have not been since November 2011. MobileDJnetworks PLI policy can be verified with the broker (Hencilla Canworth), and is not related in any way to any PLI that DJPLI claim to hold. If you have joined DJPLI, you will need to verify your policy status with the DJPLI owner, not us or Hencilla Canworth, neither of which have backed or issued a policy

While I was on holiday late last year, Mark hacked and altered several of my websites, one of which was (the PLI site). He altered the admin side of this website to divert membership payments into his own personal paypal account

Paypal was less than helpful in resolving this issue, even when a court order from the Police demanded his paypal records, but 2 weeks ago they turned up after 3 months of asking. The Police subsequently arrested Mark Davies, questioned him, charged him with Fraud Theft and he has now been convicted

I would confirm that although 19 members PLI payments did not get paid to hmrc, those remain valid and current, as I did not wish this to affect our members or their legality. I have since moved all my websites from Mark's servers, and believe they are now as secure as they can be

I am now taking out a private legal claim to recover the stolen funds

The above statement is all factual and verifiable.

On a personal note, I feel very stupid for trusting him, but that's my personality. I also feel that being let down by a fellow DJ in this way, doesn't help our industry. While I would prefer this whole situation had never happened, I am publishing the details so that nobody else gets caught up in a similar situation.

Eventually they started offering refunds but this guy's name is lower than a snake's belly at the moment.

edit: Forgot to mention the background. Mark Davies of had been selling PLI to DJ's but he never had a policy in place. Effectively many DJ's were under the impression they had PLI but djpli never paid the premiums. Obviously this could potentially have had disastrous consequences.


Dance Sounds Disco

, so please be aware of this. The website's you should use in conjunction with us is either or PLEASE NOTE: avoid any .com site with similar/same names. If anyone thinks they may have been scammed by this man or you would like to know further details, please message us. Thank you. Original Article source