Donations and Subscriptions Received This Month £349.63

Thank you to the following for their kind support --- Daniel Lo --- Deb in Seattle --- Ed C --- Ronald C J --- Monthly Subscriptions from Peter b, Laura B, Abigail P, Eric R P and Geneva Spine --- Peter D --- Mason S --- Holmbeck Farm Airfield & Flying Club --- Health-On-Air , London , United Kingdom --- Archie L from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom --- Bogdan S from Ukraine --- Monthly Subscriptions from Robert A and William P --- Wissler M P from Brazil --- Blįthnaid in Ireland --- Eric S --- Leslie P --- Nicolas and Annie W from Minneapolis --- Marc B --- Paul B --- Monthly Subscriptions from Mark C, Travis Mc, Anthony Frontline, Paul B, Michael A --- Alexander S --- David George H --- Monthly Subscriptions from Maisie E, Lee Anne E, John D, Alan F, Keven V, Sylvia R, Geneva Spine, Philip F --- Thank you to everybody that donated to help the station keep broadcasting during March total donations were £493.63
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