Bud Pearson - The Swing Era
10:00 & 22:00 Hrs daily GMT

Shaun Moncaster My interest in big bands and swing began by listening, as a child, to a local radio station that played all the best of the 40s. I've been a record collector since then and always wanted to do a radio show. However, my career in radio and television broadcasting was in engineering, and it was not until my retirement that I finally settled into a radio show.
The Swing Era is an entertaining and informative musical program fed by the enormous recorded legacy that the Swing Era bands and artists left us. Our main focus is on the period from 1930 thru the 40s, a span of time wide enough to present the bigger picture of this exciting musical era. The Swing Era has been broadcast in Central Florida for over ten years, and draws on my own collection of big band, swing era jazz and broadcast recordings of over 50,000 selections. My personal knowledge, backed by an extensive library of discographical and historical material provide the basis for the program’s annotation. There you have the Swing Era story. The rest is in the listening. Hope it is enjoyable
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